Our signature French-inspired cakes and pastries have been a stalwart of Singapore’s cosmopolitan food heritage since 1985.

As a pioneering statement, Chef Galistan combined his signature Parisian flair with local subtleties, to bring Singaporean consumers high-quality confections at accessible prices. Temptations uniquely did this at a time that most similar products were only available at high-end hotels — out of the range of a majority of households.

Everything we have at Temptations is baked with love, combined with award-winning French culinary expertise. While remaining true to world class French baking methods, we constantly modernise and evolve our products to the latest lifestyle trends. What we do not compromise on is the freshness of our ingredients, and the quality of our products.

We are a legacy homegrown cake shop in Singapore, and known to our fans as a Heritage Singapore Cake shop.

Today, as a patisserie that has served more than two generations of Singaporean families, we have a deep and abiding understanding of trends among our customers.

Our consistent evolution nearly four decades has entrenched our brand among Singapore’s cake connoisseurs, offering more than 300 recipes of cakes that commemorate a spectrum of family occasions that are meaningful and joyous: birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days, gatherings, etc.