Taste the Tradition: Handcrafted Tea Cakes Delivery for Every Occasion

Indulge in the unparalleled sophistication of a tea cake from Temptations Cakes, where every bite is a celebration of refined flavours and immaculate artisanship. Perfectly baked to achieve a delicate balance, these tea cakes are the quintessential addition to any afternoon tea or special occasion gathering. Enjoy the convenience of tea cakes delivery to elevate your experience with these exquisite treats.

Our assortment of tea cakes features a variety of exquisite flavours, each designed to offer a unique, yet consistently indulgent taste experience. Interested in a customised tea cake? Simply fill out this form, and our cake design specialists will contact you to discuss your unique needs, provide a personalised quote, and ensure your cake reflects the splendour of your event. For added convenience, ask about our tea cakes delivery service to have your custom creation delivered directly to your venue.

Whether you are looking for traditional wedding cakes, a unique cheese wedding cake, or an eggless option in Singapore, Temptations Cakes caters to every preference. If you would like to place an order for a customised wedding cake of your own design, please fill in this form. Our specialist will be in touch with you to provide a quote and finalise your order, ensuring a cake that matches the grandeur of your occasion.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Almond Sugee Cake
Carrot Walnut Cake
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$850.00 Regular price $1,000.00
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$180.00 Regular price $200.00
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$95.00 Regular price $100.00

Tea Time, Perfected: Indulge in Our Exquisite Tea Cakes with Convenient Tea Cakes Delivery

Explore our extraordinary range of flavours, each crafted to pair flawlessly with your tea selection. From the timeless elegance of Earl Grey and Green Tea to bold, innovative blends like Lemon Lavender and Chai Spice, our tea cakes are a culinary journey of tastes. Each tea cake showcases our dedication to diversity and quality, aiming to satisfy every palate with its unique flavour profile. For added convenience, take advantage of our tea cakes delivery service to enjoy these exquisite flavours at home.

Bite into Bliss with Temptations Cakes

At Temptations Cakes, we encourage you to experience the ultimate indulgence with our premium selection of tea cakes. Created with exacting precision and a commitment to excellence, our tea cakes are meticulously designed to complement your chosen tea, transforming every sip into a festive fusion of flavors. For added convenience, explore our tea cakes delivery service, ensuring these exquisite treats are easily accessible for your next tea gathering.

Explore our mouthwatering selection of cakes, each crafted to perfection with unique flavours and designs. From the rich and creamy Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake, to the light and airy Classic Buttercream Cake, there's a slice for every taste. Dive into a colourful delight with our vibrant Rainbow Cake

For those who prefer a touch of traditional texture, our Almond Sugee Cake offers a delectable choice. Indulge in our luxurious Cheesecake, perfect for any cheesecake aficionado, or savour the hearty goodness of our Carrot Walnut Cake. Each cake promises a premium experience, ideal for special occasions or simply as a treat to brighten your day.

Tea Cake Delivered Fast and Fresh

Discover the convenience of quick, fresh, and delicious tea cakes delivery, no matter where you are in Singapore. Whether you're hosting a tea party, treating a loved one, or just indulging yourself, our fast and reliable delivery service ensures that you enjoy our tea cakes at their peak perfection.

Interested in experiencing the exceptional craftsmanship of Temptations Cakes? To order a bespoke cake designed just for you, simply complete this form. We are committed to making your event both memorable and tasty. For additional information or to place your order, email us at onlinesales@temptationscakes.com.sg