Baked Delights: Best Fruit Cake in Singapore

Dive into the essence of Temptations Cakes' Fruit Flavoured Cakes, showcasing the best fruit cake in Singapore for every occasion, from birthday fruit cakes to festive Christmas fruit cakes. Our bakers skillfully blend hand-picked, vibrant fruits with our rich, buttery cake bases, delivering slices filled with pure fruit essence. Each cake, from citrusy delights to berry sweetness and tropical durian or mango, is crafted to perfection, ensuring a burst of natural flavours with every bite. 

Our fruit-flavoured cakes are crafted to celebrate moments or satisfy your fruity cravings with unparalleled taste and quality. At Temptations Cakes, we extend this bespoke experience to wedding cakes, offering customised options to align with every preference. For a personalised touch on your big day, fill in this form for customised cake orders. Our team is dedicated to providing a cake that not only meets but exceeds the magnificence of your celebration.

Whether you are looking for traditional wedding cakes, a unique cheese wedding cake, or an eggless option in Singapore, Temptations Cakes caters to every preference. If you would like to place an order for a customised wedding cake of your own design, please fill in this form. Our specialist will be in touch with you to provide a quote and finalise your order, ensuring a cake that matches the grandeur of your occasion.

Mixed Fresh Fruit Flan
Strawberry Bagatelle
Bare Summer Cake
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$850.00 Regular price $1,000.00
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$180.00 Regular price $200.00
Temptations Cakes Gift Card

Temptations Cakes Gift Card

$95.00 Regular price $100.00

Celebrate with Singapore's Delectable Fruit Cakes

Immerse yourself in the delectable array of fruit-flavoured cakes at Temptations Cakes, featuring the best fruit cake in Singapore. Each cake is a masterpiece, combining lush fruit flavours with exquisite craftsmanship to celebrate every occasion. From vibrant birthday fruit cakes to festive Christmas fruit cakes, our creations are perfect for those seeking a blend of tradition and taste. 

A Feast of Fruitful Delights: Temptations Cakes' Exquisite Collection

Dive into the exquisite world of Temptations Cakes, where you'll find a lavish array of fruit-flavoured delights. Our Premium MSW Durian Cake, a true connoisseur's choice, and the Mixed Fresh Fruit Flan offer an explosion of flavours. The Strawberry Bagatelle and Fresh Mango Splash Cake are summer in every bite, while the MSW Durian Cake Topped With Real Durian Fruit takes indulgence to new heights. 

For those with specific dietary preferences, we offer eggless versions of our beloved creations, including the Premium MSW Durian Cake Eggless, Bare Summer Cake, Strawberry Bagatelle Eggless, Mixed Fresh Fruit Flan Eggless, and Fresh Mango Splash Cake Eggless, ensuring everyone can enjoy the luxury of our finest cakes.

Delectable Pastries: From Signature Cakes to Seasonal Delights & Mini Bites

Temptations Cakes brings a symphony of flavours to every celebration, with a spread that goes beyond our renowned tarts. From the classic elegance of our Signature Cakes to the personalised charm of Customised Cakes, there’s a slice of heaven for every occasion. Birthdays, weddings, and even corporate events are made sweeter with our array.

Seasonal specialties like Christmas cakes and Lunar New Year cakes add festive cheer, while our Mini Bites, including Tarts, Muffins, and Ala-Carte Desserts, are perfect for a quick indulgence. Celebrate with the decadence of our Chocolate Cakes, the exotic twist of Durian Cakes, or the colourful joy of Rainbow Cakes. Every flavour is a testament to our passion for baking.

Ready to bring the artistry of Temptations Cakes to your doorstep? For a custom-designed wedding cake tailored to your specific wishes, please fill in this form. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your celebration is both delectable and unforgettable. Contact us for more details or send your orders to